Can You Make a Living as a Blogger?

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, “America’s Newest Profession: Bloggers for Hire,” by Mark Penn, 1.7 million of the nearly 20 million bloggers in America profit from their writing, and over 450,000 earn a full-time living through blogging.

Most bloggers who earn money through blogging earn hundreds, rather than thousands of dollars, but the professionals who “work at corporations, serve as highly paid blogging consultants or write for sites with substantial traffic” can make a substantial living through their writing. Independent bloggers make money through pay-per-click advertising such as Google AdSense, but as the article points out, this can lead to sensationalism in the pursuit of additional clicks.

Inevitably, the article wraps up with a consideration of the ethics in blogging, as well as the lack of regulation and unionization. Penn closes with the question, “But for how long can nearly 500,000 people who are gradually replacing whole swaths of journalists survive with no worker protections, no enforced ethics codes, limited standards, and, for most, no formal training?” I’m guessing that many successful freelance writers and editors could answer that one!

2 thoughts on “Can You Make a Living as a Blogger?

  1. Making an income as a writer/blogger isn’t difficult, but it is difficult to regulate the income so you’re making money every month – within the same range. Sometimes it’s a flood and sometimes it’s a drizzle. The reality is, you have to create several income streams to make enough steady income to maintain your income as a blogger.

    I always recommend that bloggers either generate affiliate income, create their own products, or market other information and products to keep their blogs profitable consistently.

  2. My name is Christopher Falco and I own a website that helps your everyday blogger be seen by a community of bloggers. Though not much is being done about regulating blog content and the way it is written or displayed, there are general rules of ethics defined by the more popular bloggers. The new blogger comes to the blogging world for various reasons. The new blogger tends to study the way more popular blogs display their content and in turn use those same blogs for reference in their own project. So basically the popular blogs set the bar for excellence. As far as the rise in people blogging strictly for money, I blame the economy and the ease of building a basic blog. I just hope spammers don’t take over the blogging world! Thanks for the post keep up the good work!

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