How Has NAIWE Helped You? A Member Shares Her Experience

I recently received a copy of the following note from NAIWE member Mary Mowen. She had been contacted by a prospective member, who asked: “How helpful has NAIWE been to you as a writer?  From your vantage point, is the NAIWE a good professional affiliation?” She forwarded her response, noting that perhaps others had similar questions and would be interested in the answer. I appreciate Mary’s willingness to respond to a query like this, and hope that the response will be helpful to others.


NAIWE has inspired me to market myself as a freelance writer/editor much more aggressively than I have in the past.  I think membership in a reliable, respected professional organization is important to members of any profession; and it is probably more crucial to those of us who work independently.

I appreciate the opportunities NAIWE provides for networking with other freelancers; ours is a pretty solitary enterprise, after all, and it’s good to know that there’s a free database of pros in almost every aspect of writing and editing available to me through the site, people I can call on when I find myself in need of expertise that’s different from my own.

[Director] Janice Campbell impresses me very much.  Besides providing a wealth of resources for members on the NAIWE site, she goes out of her way to provide as much personal help to individual members as they need.  I appreciate being only an e-mail away from her patient, kind, answers and the broad scope of her knowledge of writing, editing, and business matters, and have called on her several times in the six months since I joined NAIWE.   As a successful self-marketed professional, she truly leads by example, a trait I value very much.

I’ve decided to set up my business site on the NAIWE host pages rather than elsewhere.  I guess if I was going to sum up in a few words what the organization has meant to me, I would say that it has helped me to take myself and my abilities more seriously, and encouraged me to have a much more structured and diligent approach to working from home as a freelancer.

Don’t know what type writing or writing-related work you do, but hope this helps.  NAIWE seems constantly to be seeking to improve their services and their site.  That speaks very well for them.


Mary Mowen 

P.S. I don’t know how I could’ve forgotten to mention that I am presently hard at work on a large and lucrative editing job received through a NAIWE referral.  A big membership plus, without question–opportunities to land more jobs increase through the NAIWE network.

There you have it: inspiration, networking, support, services, and referrals. Is membership in NAIWE the key to making your freelance business more profitable and rewarding? Join us, and let NAIWE help you build your ideal business!

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