How to Get More Editing Options for Your WordPress Blog

NAIWE members all receive a member website as part of their benefits. Each member site looks likes this NewsWire site, and is based on the reliable and easy-to-use WordPress platform. WordPress comes with a robust array of editing tools, but many users never find them. Here’s how you can view your entire toolbar:

Look at the toolbar at the top of your editing window:

Editing toolbar in WordPress

You’ll see all the familiar icons for bolding, italicizing, creating ordered and unordered lists, and so forth. At the very end (far right), there is an icon with a symbol that looks like little rows of boxes. Click that icon, and a whole new row of editing icons will show up, as you see below.

More editing options on the WordPress editing toolbar

This second row of icons offers a selection of type styles, including headers and addresses, plus options for colored text, pasting as plain text, custom characters, and more. No matter what your formatting needs, your member website can probably handle it.

If you’ve never tried adding a photo, it’s easy. Just click on the symbol beside the words “Add media” just over the editing toolbar, then choose the photo file you want to add, decide on alignment and size, then click on the “Insert into post” button. If you want to edit the image, click on it, then click on the icon of a photo that pops up. You’ll be able to adjust the image from the options displayed.

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