Tom Copeland of Bullworthy: Member Success Story on The Freelance Life

Tom Copeland of Bullworthy & member of NAIWEAre you thinking of making the leap into full-time freelancing?

Do you struggle with the connection between your creative work and the necessity for being a competent entrepreneur?

Join us for The Freelance Life on Wednesday, December 8, at 3:30 p.m. EST as we interview Tom Copeland of Bullworthy on how he’s gone from zero to “more than enough to survive” while doing something he loves. Tom will share the Top Five Things You Need To Do in Order to Make It as a Freelance Writer or Editor, and he’d love to answer any questions you’d like to ask. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Tom is a freelance writer, Web developer, and founder of Bullworthy, an online content management firm for small business. Tom’s work has been published on, The Business Insider, The Working Writer’s Coach, and more. You can read more about him and his work at his member website,

Here’s the recording of Tom’s interview:

4 thoughts on “Tom Copeland of Bullworthy: Member Success Story on The Freelance Life

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  2. Really enjoyed listening to Tom’s 5 Points with Janice.

    I wanted to clarify one comment Tom made when asked about sole proprietorship taxes. He said that amounts under $600 did not need to be reported to the IRS. What Tom meant is that a client must report amounts paid to the freelancer over $600 on a Form 1099MISC. A copy goes to the IRS and another copy to the freelance writer. The writer, in turn, reports this income on their tax return (Schedule C for sole proprietorships). The freelancer must report ALL income earned from every client, even if he or she does not receive a 1099MISC from the client.

    For example, if Tom was paid $250 by XYZ magazine, Tom must add $250 to his reported income on his Schedule C, even though he has no Form 1099MISC from XYZ magazine.

    I hope that helps!

    Carol Topp, CPA
    NAIWE Tax expert

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