Days to Celebrate in June

June 1: National Say Something Nice Day. Make the day extra pleasant for your clients by sharing some nice words.

June 3: National Leave the Office Early Day. It may be celebrated on the first day of the week this year, but take a little time off to enjoy the rest of the day with a fun activity.

June 3. National Repeat Day. Take this opportunity to repeat something you needed or wanted to do again.

June 6: National Higher Education Day. Spend a moment educating or inspire others who are interesting in pursuing a similar career.

June 10: National Ballpoint Pen Day. Write a client note today with a ballpoint pen to commemorate the patent filing on June 10, 1943.

June 11: National Make Life Beautiful Day. Share the beauty that you add to life by celebrating the relationships you have built or assistance you have offered another.

June 13: National Random Acts of Light Day. Bring light to a colleague by sharing some encouraging words.

June 21: National Selfie Day. Share a selfie on social media of you working on that next project.

June 30: Social Media Day. Post on all of your social media accounts today, letting potential clients know you are available for hire.

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