Days to Celebrate in November

November: Family Stories Month. Record or listen to stories from relatives of all ages.

November: National Family Literacy Month. Enjoy some family readings.

November: National Life Writing Month. Write about yourself and your life as you have experiences it thus far.

November: National Novel Writing Month. Use this month to write the first draft draft of your novel.

November 1: National Author’s Day. Celebrate your favorite authors and the books they have written.

November 1: National Family Literacy Day. Read a book with your family today.

November 4: Job Action Day. Get the tools and resources to master a new job search and land the career of your dreams!

November 6: National Stress Awareness Day. Develop a routine to help you manage your stress.

November 11-16: National Young Readers Week.

November 29: Electronic Greetings Day. Send an electronic greeting to each of the clients you haven’t heard from in a while.

November 29: You’re Welcomegiving Day. Share a “You’re welcome” with at least one client today.

November 30: Computer Security Day. Help secure your computer by installing and running antivirus software

November 30: Small Business Saturday. Support at your local small businesses.

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