About April Michelle Davis

Founded in 2001 by April Michelle Davis, Editorial Inspirations provides exceptional editing, indexing, and proofreading services to both publishers and authors. Each task is approached with a greater understanding of the various aspects of the publishing process. The intent of the author and the publisher is always kept in mind—from the first word to well beyond the end.

An Interview with Claudia Suzanne, NAIWE’s Ghostwriting Expert

We wanted to get get to know Claudia Suzanne, NAIWE’s Ghostwriting Expert, better, so last month we sat down with her. Here are some things she shared about her craft of ghostwriting.

What is one thing that you learned about your craft the hard way, and what benefits have you received from it? Can these benefits be broadened to include marketing?

The one thing I learned about my craft the hard way is how little my personal accomplishments matter. Coming to terms with that and letting it go elevated my standing from freelancer to professional, changing both my and potential clients’ perspectives and allowing me to command (not just charge) serious fees for my services. How can that be broadened to include marketing? With that revised stance—which, of course, requires a handful of other mindset transitions and self-perception adjustments—I no longer compete with the vast market of editorial freelancers. I’m in a high-end class of my own.

What has been your most rewarding marketing avenue, and how was it rewarding? Self? Monetary? Clients?

My goal was always to attract clients, not have to seek them, so I developed the Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program theories, psychology, skill sets, knowledge base, and mindset transitions to not only achieve that, but also teach it to other aspiring ghostwriters so they can do the same. As a result, my previous career (I am now retired from active ghostwriting) helping authors fulfill their literary dreams was personally and financially rewarding as well as satisfying for my clients.

What do you associate with marketing?

Everything, from casual emails, LinkedIn responses, myriad web presences, personal and online appearances, and all the myriad things one does every day when one is running their own business. A more succinct answer might be in that comment, in fact: everything changed when I stopped freelancing and started running my own business. It may seem like a subtle change, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, and the ROI can be profound.

NAIWE Inducts New Executive Director

April Michelle Davis

Director’s Note:

I am very excited to be the new executive director of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors!

I would like to thank Janice Campbell for her hard work and devotion in helping develop and grow NAIWE over the last 10 years. I value our friendship, and I wish her much success in her new adventures.

My love for the writing industry can be seen in my work and personal life. I have written and published two technical books and one young adult chapter book. I have devoted many years to serving on the board of experts for NAIWE as the social media marketing expert, and I was a NAIWE member prior to that. The alignment of the association’s integrity and ethics with my own makes for a natural fit. My knowledge and background of the publishing industry, as well as my skills and practical experience first working in-house and then as a freelance editor will be invaluable to helping NAIWE members reach their marketing goals by expanding the member benefits and further diversifying the resources available for various learning styles.

It has been a joy and a blessing to work for nearly 20 years in an industry so rewarding and to help freelancers grow through one-on-one assistance and through my presentations and workshops. And now I welcome this opportunity as a leader and as the executive director to work harder for you and to make significant contributions to NAIWE. But I cannot do this alone, your support and involvement is what has and will make NAIWE a front runner in the writing and editing industry.

I look forward to hearing from you anytime you have a question, concern, or suggestion, or just to say hello.

Thank you.

April Michelle Davis
Executive Director
National Association of Independent Writers and Editors