Featured Member Blog for February: Mary DeMuth

Thin Places: A Memoir by Mary DeMuth

Thin Places: A Memoir by Mary DeMuth

One of the best parts of being involved with NAIWE is reading member blogs. We especially enjoy blogs with funny, meaty posts that invite comments. That lets us know we’ve got a savvy member who understands the power of connection with readers.

This month’s featured blog is a perfect example of a great writer blog. Author Mary DeMuth writes posts that are not only helpful for other writers, but also enjoyable for her readers and fans who’d like an inside glimpse of the writing life. Visit http://marydemuth.naiwe.com/, and enjoy!

*Mary’s latest book, Thin Places: A Memoir, is on blog tour this week, and there’s an opportunity to win a Kindle by posting “In exactly 259 words – the retail value of a Kindle reader – tell us about a time you experienced a “thin place” in your life.” Visit Blog Tour Spot to read more about it.

Three-Minute Fiction Contest from NPR

NPR is sponsoring a new summer writing contest: Three-Minute Fiction. Listeners are invited to send in original short stories of about 500-600 words, or up to three minutes long. James Wood, the literary critic for The New Yorker, will select favorites and read them on the air during the summer. You can find more details at the NPR website.