Funny Typos Can Make (or Break) Your Day

It all depends on who made the error, and who’s paying for it, of course. But if you ever need a laugh, you may as well visit The blogger posts photos of oddly named products (a “Stupid Child” floor mop, anyone?) and abused apostrophes, among other things. Of course, one of the hazards of this sort of entertainment is that some of it can be rather offensive, but that simply proves the value of getting a good writer or editor in the first place!


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Remember to Proofread the Large Type!

One of the funnier typographical errors I’ve seen recently occurred in about 72 point type in the banner of a newspaper. You can see the front page of New Hampshire’s Valley “Newss” reproduced in an article on the site.

The big lesson here is that the goofier the error, the farther it will travel. Don’t take anything for granted– be sure to proofread your headlines and subheads!