“Breaking In” to Hollywood as a Screenwriter Outside the System

 Join Janice and Mitchell Peck on The Freelance Life broadcast, Wednesday
May 28, 2014 at 3:30 EST. 
Mitchell will shed some light on the often mysterious/opaque process of breaking in to Hollywood as a screenwriter outside the system by using real-life case studies of nine screenwriters who Mitchell has personally helped get represented by agents, sell their scripts to movie studios, and/or get their scripts produced by major movie studios.
Mitchell Peck

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Mitchell Peck, founder of Hollywood Embassy, is a Producer of three studio movies (and numerous studio script development deals) — all based on screenplays he developed with first-time, unrepresented writers.  For 20 years in Hollywood as a producer, he’s specialized in working with aspiring writers outside the Hollywood system – developing their scripts, and successfully guiding them into top literary agency representation, studio deals, and produced movies (click here to view Mitchell’s IMDB page)
Mitchell recently decided to open a boutique screenplay consultancy, Hollywood Embassy – to help serious, aspiring screenwriters improve their scripts professionally.
Please CLICK HERE for a link to the “About” page on Mitchell’s Hollywood Embassy website; if you scroll a quarter of the way down the page, you’ll see a piece written by Mitchell titled, “How Hollywood Embassy Began.”
For more information about Producer Mitchell Peck and his boutique screenplay consultancy, please visit HollywoodEmbassy.com.
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