Robert Hartley: January’s Featured Member

Robert Hartley is the NAIWE Featured Member for January 2016.For the beginning of the new year, we wanted to feature a member whose personal story is as interesting as his writing. Robert Hartley has been a NAIWE member since January 2012. During his membership he has continued to write steadily, publishing novels and memoirs, as well as blogging and maintaining a social media presence. Doing, in other words, all the things recommended by experts for writing success.

The No-Excuses Writer

Robert Hartley, author of Mossback Dragon and other works.I call him the “no excuses” writer. When we selected him to be the featured member for January, we asked that he share a bit about his writing journey. The resulting article, Beyond the Words, turned out to be a fascinating mini-memoir that not only introduces this versatile wordsmith and artist, but with a kick of humor, manages to blow up just about any excuse for not writing. Don’t miss it!

If you are hoping to get a writing career jump-started in the new year and feel that you are facing insurmountable obstacles, read Robert’s mini-memoir. Maybe even print it out and post it on the wall next to your writing space. It can be a reminder that steady movement — a few words a day, if that is all you can manage — can short-circuit just about any obstacle. Even death, so far.

Since 2009, Robert has written, designed, formatted, and published seven books, which are available in both print and Kindle formats. You can read more about them at his NAIWE member site,, as well as at, and purchase copies at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.