JSTOR Discount is New NAIWE Benefit

NAIWE and JSTOR are pleased to announce a 25% discount on a 1-year JPASS for members

 JPASS: Your personal access plan to a digital library of more than 1,500 academic journals on JSTOR. Access the most influential research and ideas published in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences over centuries—anywhere, anytime.

What is JPASS?

JPASS is a time-based individual “library card” granting access to more than 1,500 journals from the JSTOR archive collection.

What content is in JPASS?

JPASS grants access to JSTOR’s journal archive collection content. Some exceptions apply. A complete title list is available on jpass.jstor.org, and new journals are added monthly.

What is the NAIWE Member Discount?

Members may purchase a JPASS annual access plan for $149 US, a savings of 25% of what others pay. Monthly access, at $19.50 per month, is also available.

How do I get the JPASS discount?

The administrator at your association distributes a custom URL to members and is tasked with securing this as they would a promotional code available to members only. The individual member then completes the transaction by credit card on the JPASS website by using the URL, which acts as a promotional code to expose the 25% discounted price.

Does the URL expire?

Yes, URLs will expire in 6 months. If this exclusive offer is viewed as valuable to the member base, JSTOR can renew the offer. Active members will be able to renew JPASS by getting the current URL from the association administration.

How does this URL work?

When a member clicks on the URL, a pre-programmed parameter adds the discounted price of $149 to the JPASS sales website information. In order to view the $149 price, this specific link must be used.

Benefit Chat with Bowker Manuscript Submissions

Bowker Manuscript Submissions (BMS) offers a valuable benefit for writers.We’re looking forward to talking with Charlie Friscia and Natalie Piccotti of Bowker Manuscript Submissions (BMS) at 3:30 p.m. EDT on The Freelance Life, Wednesday, 3 August 2011. Bowker is our newest benefit partner, and we are looking forward to learning more about them and all they can do for writers.

Being a member of NAIWE means that you have discounted access to BMS services. It’s an online tool that connects authors with publishers to streamline the publishing process like never before.

Currently, Bowker Manuscript Submissions has over 300 publishers actively using the site, searching for good work to publish. BMS has also partnered with the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), which
means that there are over 3000 publishers with access to your manuscript proposal, and BMS is working to expand its reach to even more publishers to give you a better chance of getting published!
Later: Natalie and Charlie had some great information, plus a few tips for writers and editors. Enjoy!
Here’s the recording:

NAIWE Members Receive Discount for DIY Author’s Conference at BEA

In association with:

Writers Magazine

Gotham Writer's Workshop

Register for the BEA DIY Authors Conference & Marketplace

Special Offer for the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE):

Save $20 off the registration fee of $199—you pay $179 (this includes boxed lunch). In the NAIWE member area, you’ll find the Priority Code you’ll need to trigger the $20 discount.
Register here.

The BEA DIY Authors Conference & Marketplace will keep you up to
date on the latest DIY trends and give you critical information on
how to get published or self published. Plus, you’ll have the chance
to meet one on one with leading DIY service providers to help you
package your content into book form.

DIY Conference Sessions Include:

  • Publishing Like Never Before
  • Publishing Choices: Three Ways to Self-Publish in Today’s
    Competitive Market
  • Advance Your Career with DIY Publishing
  • Using Online Collaboration to Complete Your Book
  • Auturo!: Get all the Services you Need to be Successful Author
  • Do’s & Don’ts – Authors & DIY Services’ Deals
  • Put Your Creativity to Work with CreateSpace
  • Go Kindle!
  • Indie Book Publishing – No Longer About Vanity
  • Authors’ Online Resource: DIY Publicity, Promotion and Events
  • Optimize Your Sales Potential: Amazon for Authors
  • Audiobooks for the Rest of Us
  • Get Your Manuscript in Shape for DIY-publication

DIY Conference Sessions Led By Industry Insiders Such As:

  • Michael Ashley, Co-Founder and CTO of FastPencil
  • P.J. Campbell, Dir. of Events, John Wiley & Sons, author,
    Authors Online Resource: DIY, Publicity, Marketing and Events
  • Peter Clifton, CEO & Co-founder, FiledBy
  • Jon Fine, Dir., Author & Publisher Relations, Amazon.com
  • Robin Goldberg, SVP Global Channels and Partnerships,
  • Leigh Haber, former book editor who’s edited such books as
    Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth
  • Claire McKinney, former Dir. of Publicity, Henry Holt
  • Noah Lukeman, President, Lukeman Literary Management Ltd
  • Jeff Reich, Editor, The Writer magazine
  • Caroline Vanderlip, CEO, SharedBook

DIY Marketplace will Feature Leading DIY Exhibitors so You Can Meet
Face-to-Face And Learn

Register Today
and Save
with Special Offer—$20 Off!

The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors will enjoy a
special offer of $20 off the regular price of $199 when they
register for the BEA DIY Authors Conference & Marketplace (this fee
of $179 includes Boxed Lunch.) You’ll find the discount code in the member area of the website.
Register here

For more information about BEA DIY Conference & Marketplace, visit the DIY Web page on the BEA Web site. (DIY registration does not include admission to BEA. For more information on BEA, visit

We look forward to having you join us in May. If you have any questions about registration, email Diana Press.

NAIWE Benefit Partner BOTH Creates “Declaration of Independents”

BOTH, one of NAIWE’s benefit partners, invites all self-employed professionals, freelancers, solo practitioners, independent contractors, and contract talents to sign its “Declaration of Independents.” BOTH is a firm that provides back-office support for writers, editors, and other independent professionals, and they believe that freelancing and flexible work arrangements are the wave of the future.

To learn more about BOTH, how they can serve independent writers and editors, and about the benefit they offer to NAIWE members, you may want to read about our January 2010 interview with BOTH founder Erik Vonk and listen to it at The Freelance Life.
Here’s the press release:
both-pro-descriptAn employment agreement is no longer the instrument of choice to connect the supply and demand in talent, skills or competencies. BOTH supports a bold move in support of efforts to reduce misconceptions and fears around flexible work arrangements.

Saint Petersburg, FL, March 03, 2010 — BOTH, an acronym for Back Of The House (www.bothpro.com), is inviting all self-employed professionals, freelancers, solo practitioners, independent contractors, flex-workers, staffing employees, solopreneurs and contract talent to form a community with a common interest in the recognition, facilitation and support of the long existing reality of Flexible Work. By signing the “Declaration of Independents” on the BOTH website, independent professionals become a member of a community which will be kept informed of all important legal, tax, regulatory, political and societal developments and of efforts to gain support for flexible work and which will serve as a platform for networking and collaboration in the near term future. Membership is free.

Companies are seeking synchronicity between revenues and expenses. Global competition is forcing financial strategies that promote “Asset Poor, Flexible Cost” approaches. These trends are diminishing the ability of companies to offer long-term security, entitlements and benefits to employees. Workforce specialization, on the other hand, fosters mobility. As a consequence, an employment agreement is no longer the instrument of choice to connect the supply and demand in talent, skills or competencies, nor is it an appropriate conduit to “life enablers,” such as health and retirement benefits.

Erik Vonk, Founder and CEO of BOTH indicates, “At least 25% of the workforce has a ‘contingent’ work arrangement instead of an employment agreement. The old sense of job security has long been replaced by a prevailing confidence in income security. Nevertheless, going ‘solo’ has its challenges as alternative work arrangements are surrounded by unclear regulatory and tax frameworks, while access to individually underwritten health and retirement benefits is limited.”

Based on BOTH’s research, at least 50% of the over 15 million people currently unemployed will find their way back into the workforce as independents, not bound by, or dependent on, an employment agreement. Yet, this tsunami of additions to the ‘contingent’ workforce, which already includes 1 in 4 working Americans, is met with stern warnings of crack downs from the Federal Government and the IRS, and promises of increased scrutiny and audits of compliance with vague, outdated and often contradicting regulations.

At the same time, in spite of unprecedented Government spending on Stimulus Plans, no major effort has been designed to remove barriers to flexible work arrangements, which offer the quickest and most efficient way to (re)connect the supply and demand in skills. Even health care reform of epic proportions does not – as far as is publicly known – disconnect health insurance from the place of work, promote interstate insurance commerce or support consuer driven, individually underwritten plans. In fact, all the political rhetoric behind economic stimulus and health care reform seems to point in the opposite direction, i.e. toward increased and renewed dependency on the place of work for all “life enablers.”

BOTH supports the notion that it is time to break with Industrial Revolution era conventions that assume lifetime employment and a sacrifice of self-determination in exchange for job security, benefits, status and entitlements.

“Self-employment, contracting for work individually or running a solo practice can be easily accommodated by simplification of the tax code and deregulation of the insurance industry. To get there, the notion that “self employment equals tax evasion” needs to be replaced by the recognition that self-employment and entrepreneurialism equal revenues, also for ‘Uncle’ IRS,” Erik Vonk said. He continued, “BOTH was founded to create a viable alternative to outdated employment conventions and to support working on a project basis, or as an independent vendor, as a reality that should be recognized, supported, enabled, regulated and taxed as a viable alternative to a J.O.B.”

About BOTH

BOTH facilitates working independently by transforming work arrangements into vendor relationships whereby, at the same time, all support functions, benefits and entitlements – traditionally part of a corporate infrastructure – are substituted by a personally owned, “portable” back office, fortified by tailored, permanent health and retirement plans and managed by a Personal Advisor.