Develop Your Writer’s Portfolio: A Teleclass with Ruth Thaler-Carter

Ruth Thaler-Carter, NAIWE's "I can write anything" Expert

Learn how you can develop an effective online writing portfolio with NAIWE Expert Ruth Thaler-Carter.

Join us for a NAIWE Teleclass
May 1, 2013, 3:30 p.m. EDT
Instructor: Ruth E. Thaler-Carter joined by
NAIWE Director Janice Campbell

Developing an Effective Writing Portfolio

In the past, a freelance writer’s portfolio was a notebook or binder holding copies of published works, called clips (for “clippings,” as in articles clipped out of the newspaper or magazine where they were published) that writers toted along to in-person interviews. In today’s electronic age, freelance writers often need—or want—to present their work to prospective clients, agents, editors or publishers whom they cannot visit in person. Today’s portfolio has to be more flexible and beyond faxing or mailing a couple of  published articles.

This one-session class will look at ways to develop an effective, modern portfolio that creates opportunities to share your work, both published and in-progress. You’ll gain insight into what a portfolio should contain, as well a ideas for how to present it most effectively. You might even find yourself inspired to spend the afternoon adding things to the Portfolio page of your NAIWE member site!

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