A Guide for the Freelance Indexer: Book Chat with April Michelle Davis

A Guide for the Freelance Indexer by April Michelle Davis, NAIWE Expert
Have you considered becoming an indexer or adding indexing to your list of freelance skills? NAIWE Social Media Marketing Expert April Michelle Davis has just written a guide on this highly specialized and much needed professional skill, and she joined us for a Book Chat on The Freelance Life on Wednesday, January 30, 2013, at 3:30 p.m. EST. We discussed April’s new book, the business of freelance indexing, book marketing, and the process of becoming a successful freelance editor and indexer.

Here is the recording for the show:

A Guide for the Freelance Indexer

Here is a look at what will you learn in this helpful guide:

  • Writing and organizing the index
  • Setting up an index entry
  • Editing the index
  • Dealing with content
  • Working with electronic tools
  • Professional standards and best practices for your freelance business

A Guide for the Freelance Indexer is based on many years of study, indexing, and teaching. Author April Michelle Davis holds a master’s of professional studies degree in publishing from George Washington University as well as certificates in editing, book publishing, and professional editing. She has also completed the “Basic Indexing” course at the USDA Graduate School and “Indexing: Theory and Application” at the University of California, Berkeley. A member of the American Society for Indexing, April is chair-elect for the Mid-South Atlantic chapter of ASI.

A Guide for the Freelance Indexer is not only an important book for anyone embarking on an indexing career, or considering such a move, but also for editors and writers who work with indexers or need to evaluate the quality of an index.

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How to Get Most Out of Everything You Do: A Teleclass with PR & Entrepreneur Expert, Diana Ennen

Join us for a member teleclass-
3:30 pm EST on Wednesday April 4, 2012

with Public Relations Expert Diana Ennen

You’ll learn:
  • How to write a great how to article on topics specific to your expertise.
  • How to get the most exposure for that article by adding it to your blog, newsletter, etc., and submitting it to the top ranking article submission sites as well as industry-specific places.
  • How to take it a step further and get even more exposure with your social media by creating tweets, facebook postings, etc., right from that article.
  • How you can review your website stats and online search stats to see what keywords brought the visitors to your site and with that knowledge create a Google Adword campaign.
  • And as a bonus, we show you how to create a video of your article and add it to your YouTube channel.

Dianna is President of Virtual Word Publishing, www.virtualwordpublishing.com. She has been in business for 25 years and has authored five books on starting a business including the best-selling book, Virtual Assistant the Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA. Today she specializes in PR and marketing. She has been featured on Fox News, CNN Radio, CBS4 News, etc., and co-hosted a radio show for over 3 years.

Members will find call-in information for the classes in the member area of the NAIWE.com website. You’ll find it by logging in on any page of the site, then going to the Library link, then to the Expert Teleclasses link. NAIWE teleclasses are totally free for members ($27 each for non-members).

If you’re not a member and you’d like to join in time for the teleclass, you may click on this “Join NAIWE” link to do so. If you would like to register for the teleclass only, you may do so by visiting the Teleclass page. We hope you’ll join us!

How to Tweet Tips to Create a Product with Paulette Ensign

Paulette Ensign, NAIWE Tips Booklet Expert

On a special episode of The Freelance Life, NAIWE Expert Paulette Ensign shared how to Tweet Your Tips to Create a New Product While Marketing Your Expertise. You may listen to the recording below.

As a freelancer, you have lots of great business tips to share with the world. And you keep hearing that social media for business is the way to go. Yet there are so many social media tools you’re not sure where to start. Plus you’re running a small home business or a micro business. You want to create products from those tips marketing your business at the same time, on what little time you have. Maybe you’re thinking of a tweet book and don’t know how to do it.

This session shows you how to do that and more, a minute at a time in very short order, a tip at a time, doing double time as you market your freelance business and create a money-making product simultaneously. You’ll develop a social media strategy that is painless, with big results both online and offline.

What you’ll learn in this session not only gives you a way to create a product for your business, it gives you another service to offer your clients and prospects.

Paulette Ensign has successfully been in the tips business for more than twenty years, selling well over a million copies of her tips booklet online and offline. She has clients worldwide who have surpassed her results. You can be the next one!

The Freelance Life is hosted at TalkShoe.

The Seven Things Every Author MUST Understand About Publishing

Call in an listen to The Freelance Life!NAIWE Publishing Expert Jerry D. Simmons will be on The Freelance Life online radio show this coming Wednesday. His topic will be:

“The Seven Things Every Author MUST Understand About Publishing”

Recording of Part 1 of this interview:

They include:

(1)              It’s a business,

(2)              Two distinct parts to becoming a successful author,

(3)              Become a student of the marketplace,

(4)              Good story trumps great writing,

[6/2/2010 Note: We didn’t get through all the questions, but we’ll finish on Wednesday, August 4, at 3:30 p.m. EDT.]

(5)              It’s easy to get published, difficult to sell books,

(6)              Perception is critical, every author has choices, and

(7)              There are no guarantees, ever.

Here’s the recording of Part 2 of this interview:

There will be an opportunity for questions and answers at the end of the program. We hope you can join us!

  • The Freelance Life
  • Wednesday, August 4, 2010
  • 3:30 p.m. EDT
  • Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
  • Call ID: 38165

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Be in Business for Yourself, Not By Yourself-Erik Vonk on The Freelance Life- 1/6/10

Erik Vonk of B|O|T|H

Erik Vonk of B|O|T|H

In our first 2010 episode of The Freelance Life, we’ll be hosting Erik Vonk, author of Don’t Get a Job, Get a Life! and founder of BOTH, a business dedicated to “Back of the House” professional services for independent entrepreneurs.

Listeners will learn:

a. How the way WORK works is changing

b. Why an employment contract is a relic of the past

c. How working independently is gaining importance

d. What it takes to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


Erik Vonk is founder of B|0|T|H USA, LLC. From 2002 – 2007 he was CEO of Gevity HR. Between 1992 and 2001 – as a member of the managing board of Randstad Holding in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Erik established and built the North American operations for Randstad, one of the world’s largest staffing companies. Prior to joining Randstad, Vonk’s career was in International Banking and Corporate Finance with banks such as UBS in Switzerland, Chase Manhattan in New York and ABN-AMRO Bank in The Netherlands, U.S.A. and Saudi Arabia.

Erik is the author of ‘Don’t Get a Job, Get a Life’, a book about flexible employment and work/life balance.

He has served on the boards of Danka, Cracker Barrel and is currently on the board of Bepure, a shoe manufacturer in China.


B|0|T|H – Fortune 500 support for the Business of One

Start and run a successful business for yourself, not by yourself. With B|0|T|H – Back Of The House –  you can stay in control and be fully focused on what you like and do best. B|0|T|H handles all your operational and administrative hassles and surround you with support that includes:

  1. Establishing your own LLC,
  2. A Personal Advisor, who serves as your back office manager and handles your billing, collections, taxes and financial reporting;
  3. A fully resourced back office, consisting of a hosted I.T. infrastructure including email, technical support and Microsoft Office tools.
  4. An LLC online bank account
  5. Health benefits and optional health insurance and Solo 401(K).

B|0|T|H keeps you safe, secure and compliant and is cost-effective.

Don’t miss this interesting interview– what you learn can help you kick off the new year in a bigger, more productive way.

Remember, one of the benefits of NAIWE membership is a substantial discount on the set-up fee for BOTH services!

You can read a bit more about it, as well as accept and share the invitation, on the Facebook Event Page.