Tax Help for Writers

Writers: Prepare Your Taxes Properly

NAIWE’s CPA in residence, Carol Topp, is offering a free webinar Thursday, January 19, 2017. Carol claims she can explain federal income tax in clear English. Come hear her try!
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  • Tax deductions
  • Special tax rules for authors and publishers
  • Record keeping tips

This webinar is loaded with examples to make your writing business less taxing.

Here’s the announcement for “Writers: Prepare Your Taxes Properly.”

Join me for a free webinar for writers on Prepare Your Taxes Properly.

Thursday Jan 19, 

6 pm ET.

This webinar will be recorded and a link to the recording will be sent to all who register. 

Book Chat: Susan Bowman, Author of Lady Father

Join us on The Freelance Life as we talk with NAIWE member Susan Bowman, author of the memoir, Lady Father. We’ll talk about the book and its unique title and the writing process and how it impacted Susan’s life. We’ll also touch on marketing tips she’s has found helpful, and maybe even a few tips for other writers who are planning to write a memoir.

We interviewed Susan at 3:30 p.m. EDT on The Freelance Life, Wednesday, 7 December 2011. She has a great story, and shared a number of helpful writing and marketing tips. Here’s the recording:

Lady Father by Susan Bowman

Susan writes, “Lady Father” is a narrative account of my journey through the ordination process in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia of the 1980’s and the subsequent years of ordained ministry.  As the first female admitted to the ordination process by the Rt. Rev. C. Charles Vaché, seventh Bishop of Southern Virginia, who was then a strong and vocal opponent of the ordination of women, I was a “reluctant pioneer.” Read more . . .

NAIWE members: Have you recently published a book? The Book Chat is an informal interview about your book, your writing process, and your publishing story. Once it’s complete, you may download it and post it on your website and/or blog for the enjoyment of potential readers. It’s a benefit for members only.