How to Be an Almost-Instant Author: Paulette Ensign on the Freelance Life

How to Be an Almost-Instant Author: Expand Your Reach and Your Bottom Line a Tip at a Time

Paulette Ensign, NAIWE Tips Booklet Expert, on How to Be an Almost-Instant Author

Join us on The Freelance Life for an inspiring one hour idea fest with NAIWE Tips Booklet Expert, Paulette Ensign.

  • 7 November 2012
  • 3:30 p.m. EST

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Here’s the recording from today’s episode of The Freelance Life. Enjoy!

You have lots of great tips about your expertise to share with the world, information that may seem like basic common sense to you that is nothing short of life changing for other people. And you keep hearing that social media for business is the way to go. Yet there are so many social media tools you’re not sure where to start.

Plus people keep telling you that writing a book is a must, leaving you weary just thinking about doing that. After all, you run a small business. Who has time? You may not even feel comfortable writing. You want and need to re-purpose everything you do to make the best use of your time, energy, and resources. Learn how to develop a painless and fun strategy that’s perfect for you, with big results both online and offline.

Paulette Ensign, founder and owner of Tips Products International, will have you popping with ideas as we chat about how she took the tips she shared with her clients and prospects and created a simple product that not only sold over a million copies in several languages and formats, but still sells today, over 20 years later.


Paulette Ensign, Founder and Owner of Tips Products International, had no idea she would sell well over a million copies of her 16-page tips booklet, 110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life, when she wrote it in 1991. Or that she would do so in four languages and various formats without spending a penny on advertising. Nothing in her background prepared her for that. Yet her can-do attitude triggered and supported those results. She has made a handsome living and a cross-country move from New York to San Diego by recycling the same 3500 words since 1991.

Paulette has two degrees in music education preparing for her original career teaching string instruments in public elementary schools for more than a decade.

Between teaching strings and developing the wonderful team at, Paulette was actively involved in the then-emerging industry of Professional Organizing. She owned an organizing company and was a major contributor of time and talent to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), consistently serving in leadership roles, ultimately as national president.

Paulette added collaborative co-authored tips booklets to the learning tools and services she sells, providing an instant product and an instant marketing tool as a supplement or substitute to a person’s solo-authored booklet.

She now has more than forty years’ experience with small business owners, corporations, and professional associations in numerous industries, worldwide. She and her cat happily live a mile from the beach in San Diego. Of course it doesn’t snow at the beach, keeping them both young at heart.

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How to Tweet Tips to Create a Product with Paulette Ensign

Paulette Ensign, NAIWE Tips Booklet Expert

On a special episode of The Freelance Life, NAIWE Expert Paulette Ensign shared how to Tweet Your Tips to Create a New Product While Marketing Your Expertise. You may listen to the recording below.

As a freelancer, you have lots of great business tips to share with the world. And you keep hearing that social media for business is the way to go. Yet there are so many social media tools you’re not sure where to start. Plus you’re running a small home business or a micro business. You want to create products from those tips marketing your business at the same time, on what little time you have. Maybe you’re thinking of a tweet book and don’t know how to do it.

This session shows you how to do that and more, a minute at a time in very short order, a tip at a time, doing double time as you market your freelance business and create a money-making product simultaneously. You’ll develop a social media strategy that is painless, with big results both online and offline.

What you’ll learn in this session not only gives you a way to create a product for your business, it gives you another service to offer your clients and prospects.

Paulette Ensign has successfully been in the tips business for more than twenty years, selling well over a million copies of her tips booklet online and offline. She has clients worldwide who have surpassed her results. You can be the next one!

The Freelance Life is hosted at TalkShoe.