Writing Challenge: Day 5

Writing Prompt: What word, said or unsaid, has or could change your life? How?

At NAIWE, the word that has had the most effect on us is “freelance.” We focus on benefitting our freelance members, offering them avenues to remain knowledgeable in the field and to increase their number of clients. The NAIWE goal is helping our members develop multiple streams of income, and we do this by promoting their products and services to people they might not have otherwise reached through our social media outlets and our newsletter, which reaches 6,000 publishing professionals every month.

Interested in participating in the NAIWE writing challenge? Each day we will post a question. Respond to the question on your blog or social media page (be sure to include #WordsMatterWeek in your response), and then link back to it in the comments of the corresponding article on the NAIWE blog. For each challenge you respond to, you will receive one entry (and a bonus entry for each response written on your NAIWE blog). At the end of the week, we will have a drawing, and one person will win a fabulous prize, along with a mention and link in the next newsletter.

Post in the comments below with a link to your response to today’s question.

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