Days to Celebrate in November

November: Family Stories Month. Record or listen to stories from relatives of all ages.

November: National Family Literacy Month. Enjoy some family readings.

November: National Life Writing Month. Write about yourself and your life as you have experiences it thus far.

November: National Novel Writing Month. Use this month to write the first draft draft of your novel.

November 1: National Author’s Day. Celebrate your favorite authors and the books they have written.

November 1: National Family Literacy Day. Read a book with your family today.

November 4: Job Action Day. Get the tools and resources to master a new job search and land the career of your dreams!

November 6: National Stress Awareness Day. Develop a routine to help you manage your stress.

November 11-16: National Young Readers Week.

November 29: Electronic Greetings Day. Send an electronic greeting to each of the clients you haven’t heard from in a while.

November 29: You’re Welcomegiving Day. Share a “You’re welcome” with at least one client today.

November 30: Computer Security Day. Help secure your computer by installing and running antivirus software

November 30: Small Business Saturday. Support at your local small businesses.

Days to Celebrate in October

October: National Book Month. Curl up on the couch with a good book.

October: National Reading Group Month. Gather a group of friends, and meet weekly to discuss a great book!

October: National Work and Family Month. Focus on one way to improve your work/life balance. The Be a Better Freelancer conference can help with this: “Freelancing 101: Launching and Managing Your Freelance Business” with Meghan Pinson.

October: Self-Promotion Month. Promote your skills to gain some new clients. The Be a Better Freelancer conference can help with this: “You Oughta be in Visuals: Make Your Social Sizzle to Fire Up Your Freelancing” with Walt Jaschek.

October 1: National Fruit at Work Day. Take a break today to enjoy a piece of seasonal fruit at work.

October 5: National Do Something Nice Day. Do something nice for one of your clients today!

October 6-12: Mystery Series Week.

October 6-12: National Newspaper Week.

October 6-12: Customer Service Week.

October 9: National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day. Spend a day with a cuddly friend to make you smile. 🙂

October 13-19: National Work at Home Week.

October 16: National Dictionary Day. Learn a new word today, and share it with a colleague!

October 16: National Boss’s Day. Show your appreciation and thankfulness to your boss.

October 17: Get to Know Your Customers Day. Get to know your customers, which will, in turn, help you know how to grow your business.

October 20-26: National Business Women’s Week.

October 20-26: National Friends of Libraries Week.

October 21: National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day. Take some time to clean out some folders on your computer. The Be a Better Freelancer conference can help with this: “The Business of Being in Business” with April Michelle Davis.

October 26: National Make a Difference Day. Do something to make a difference in the life of someone else.

Days to Celebrate in August

National Wellness Month. This month focuses on self-care, managing stress, and promoting healthy routines.

August 1-7: Simplify Your Life Week. This week encourages you to refocus your life and declutter. Eliminate anything that causes stress or anxiety.

August 5: National Work Like a Dog Day. This is a day to pay attention to how hard you are working.

August 8: National Happiness Happens Day. Happiness is a choice. It is not a destination, but a life-long pursuit.

August 8: National Dollar Day. This day commemorates the day Congress established the U.S. monetary system in 1786.

August 9: National Book Lovers Day. A day to encourage those who love to read to find a favorite reading place, settling in with a good book.

August 10: National Lazy Day. Nearing the end of summer, we all need a day to be lazy and enjoy some of our favorite activities.

August 15: National Relaxation Day. It is time to slow down, unwind, and relax!

August 25-31: Be Kind to Humankind Week. This is a week of reflection and kind thoughts of others to make the world a better place.

August 27: National Just Because Day. This is a day to do something unexpected for another (or even for yourself) just because!

Days to Celebrate in July

July 12: National Simplicity Day. Henry David Thoreau was born on July 12, 1817.  Thoreau was an advocate for living a life of simplicity. In our busy lifestyles, National Simplicity Day is the time to take a step back and begin to simplify our lives. One can start by decluttering and striving for balance..

July 15: National Give Something Away Day. In the United States, giving is on the rise. What can you give to your clients or to the publishing industry?

July 17. World Emoji Day. Now before the emoji, there were emoticons. Emoticons (emotion + icon) were developed as an expression of emotions in the cold hard texts that were devoid of them.

July 18: Get to Know Your Customers Day. When businesses get to know your customers, you also get to know more about you need to grow. Reach out to your patrons and get to know them better.

July 20: Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day. Created by author and motivational speaker Martha J. Ross-Rodgers, this day is intended for all to let go of the past and live for the present. Make a list of your business regrets and then throw it away and live for today.

July 21: National Be Someone Day. What can be done in 10 seconds? Spend 10 seconds to make a business commitment such as pursuing professional development.

July 26: National All or Nothing Day. Throw caution in the wind and go for broke. What is one business challenge that you would like to overcome?

July 26: National System Administrator Appreciation Day. Show appreciation to your IT professional.

Days to Celebrate in June

June 1: National Say Something Nice Day. Make the day extra pleasant for your clients by sharing some nice words.

June 3: National Leave the Office Early Day. It may be celebrated on the first day of the week this year, but take a little time off to enjoy the rest of the day with a fun activity.

June 3. National Repeat Day. Take this opportunity to repeat something you needed or wanted to do again.

June 6: National Higher Education Day. Spend a moment educating or inspire others who are interesting in pursuing a similar career.

June 10: National Ballpoint Pen Day. Write a client note today with a ballpoint pen to commemorate the patent filing on June 10, 1943.

June 11: National Make Life Beautiful Day. Share the beauty that you add to life by celebrating the relationships you have built or assistance you have offered another.

June 13: National Random Acts of Light Day. Bring light to a colleague by sharing some encouraging words.

June 21: National Selfie Day. Share a selfie on social media of you working on that next project.

June 30: Social Media Day. Post on all of your social media accounts today, letting potential clients know you are available for hire.

Days to Celebrate in May

May: National Get Caught Reading Month. Wherever you go, the campaign challenges you to get caught reading.

First Week in May: Small businesses account for half of America’s workforce, and more new jobs come from small business than any other source.

May 12: National Limerick Day. Celebrates the birthday of English artist, illustrator, author, and poet Edward Lear who wrote Book of Nonsense.

May 16: National Biographer’s Day. Commemorates the anniversary of the first meeting of Samuel Johnson and his biographer James Boswell in 1763 and honors all biographers.

May 30: National Creativity Day. Celebrate you and your creative pursuit!

May 31: National Speak in Complete Sentences Day. Dedicated to using proper sentence structure while speaking.

Days to Celebrate in April

April: English Language Month. A celebration of the uniqueness of the English language.

April: National Poetry Month. Celebrate the cadence and song of poetry.

April 7-13: National Library Week. Libraries provide us with books to read and valuable tools and resources.

April 10: National Encourage a Young Writer Day. Encourage a young person with a vivid imagination or one who likes to tell stories or read a lot to take the next step and put those tales on paper.

April 10: National Bookmobile Day. Honor the access to information and resources made available through bookmobiles.

April 11: National Support Teen Literature Day. This day showcases some award-winner authors and books to raise awareness that young adult literature is vibrant and growing.

April 17: National Haiku Poetry Day. This day encourages all to write in this Japanese form.

April 18: National Columnists’ Day. Columnists inspire a plethora of emotions that often result in action.

April 18: Get to Know Your Customers Day. Reach out to your customers and get to know more about them.

April 23: National Take a Chance Day. Break out of your comfort zone and try a new marketing technique!

April 25: National Poem in Your Pocket Day. Share the joy that poems bring by carrying one in your pocket and sharing it with others.

April 25: National Telephone Day. Call some former clients to see how you might be able to help them today.

April 25: National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Show a child what you do in your profession.

April 27: National Tell a Story Day. Share a story with another person, or listen to a story from someone from another generation.

April 28: National Great Poetry Reading Day. Take some time to read your favorite poetry.